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Giveaway news and what's new

I had an impromptu giveaway on instagram a few months ago and these two packages were sent to the winners. First two comments on a picture I posted. So one went to @ruudsoso and one to @deevadoc So so got the item I posted which is the asiam daily butter conditioner while deevadoc got an… Continue reading Giveaway news and what's new

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Murad skincare

Murad skincare is the first American doctor owned brand. The company prides itself on leading and cutting edge innovation in skincare and recipes that have stayed true to the ideals of the original founder Dr.Howard Murad. Superior formulas Personalised care The all inclusive healthy lifestyle are the core principles of the brand. I recently got… Continue reading Murad skincare

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Avon youth restore firming face cream

This is one cheap but uhhuhmazing 100mls of good stuff. The Avon youth care firming face cream has- Retinol Hydrolysed elastin Collagen Urea Glucosamine Algae Yeast Grape seed extract This is what you find as single ingredients in entire brands/product lines. I'm using this on my body as I've always had fine lines on the… Continue reading Avon youth restore firming face cream


acnefree therapeutic sulfur mask review

Acne free is a brand I met at amah and dee pharmacy in lekki chevy view estate. The pharmcy is one I've raved about continuously here on twitter if you follow me. I make sure to stop over whenever in Lagos and avail myself of the wonders of that store. There's always a surprise. The… Continue reading acnefree therapeutic sulfur mask review

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site alert- cherry culture

This is a paypal related development for us in Nigeria. I found this site last year but I hadn't started blogging actively at the time and it uses paypal as it's getway so it will reject any non paypal supported card or shipping address other than that in the paypal account. Cherry culture stocks nyx,… Continue reading site alert- cherry culture

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Beauty/cosmetic shops in calabar

Long overdue post for which I must apologise profusely. Here are the cosmetic shops I know in calabar. Pardon my descriptions. I just want this to be as easy as possible for anyone without having to resort to calling/emailing. 1. Start from the market- Fab Sunny Two shops almost beside each other separated by one… Continue reading Beauty/cosmetic shops in calabar


Maxi peel tretinoin

Maxi peel tretinoin is a clever product. There's 3 in the range starting with a soap, cream with sunscreen which contains glycolic acid and this number 3 in the line up which has 4% hydroquinone and.025% retinol derivative. This is a powerful combination of products that will lighten skin and retinol will help to build… Continue reading Maxi peel tretinoin

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nip and fab multi fix oil- review

I'm going to start with the bad news. This product has been discontinued by nip and fab. Right before it happened, I got four bottles. It had received acclaimed reviews and everyone was using it to fix everything. After I had used it I realised maybe one reason why it may have been pulled off… Continue reading nip and fab multi fix oil- review