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nip and fab multi fix oil- review

I’m going to start with the bad news.
This product has been discontinued by nip and fab.
Right before it happened, I got four bottles.
It had received acclaimed reviews and everyone was using it to fix everything.

After I had used it I realised maybe one reason why it may have been pulled off the market.
One of two cons.

Let’s start with what nip and fab said about the oil.
All natural.
A multi purpose skin are oil that helps to improve the appearance of scars stretchmarks and unevrn skintone while nourishing and moisturizing the skin.
Biolipids repair dry skin and promote elasticity
Safflower oil softens and restores moisture
Borage oil conditions and reduces the appearance of stretchmark

The packaging-

Nice enough, practical enough
Nip and fab isn’t some company that does the fanciful on bottles.
It’s like a you want this, you get it almost medicinal look to things.
But the cap ? Spillage.
It just didn’t close tight enough or snap shut well or something else.
It poured everywhere and on everything

Then the smell?
Ah, raw eggs
I call it the eggie smell.
You had to literally bathe in perfume to keep that smell off.
Eventually I poured some EDP from bathandbody works into it..
Problem half solved.

The pros ?
This is a miracle oil.
It’s dry so it spreads well without a residue and without a greasy film.
Best used immediately after a bath because it’s a sealant.
Then it made my skin glow..
Like, glow!!

It worked on stretchmarks
It worked on acne.
Using this at night , I woke up to really clear happy skin..
Its just a wonderful product and I’m hoping nipfab decide to revamp it and put it back on our bathroom shelves.
When they do, I suggest you grab yourself a bottle.
This is a winner any day.
It does what it says and I wish I had some more to use.
My friends who bought two off me are also looking for it.
One is pregnant and she hasn’t had any stetchmarks so far as she’s gone.
I’m gifting her my left over golden liquid.
That makes three converts plus baby four.

This worked better than all the bottles of bio oil I’ve used.
In the time between when nipfab makes us another multifix oil, I’m using avon tissue oil and that review will be up soon.

My verdict ?
You know it’s 6/5 but we’ll take 1 score for the leaking cap.
That makes it 5/5

Check nipfab they ship to nigeria.

Love shoppin and red kisses!



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