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Murad skincare


Murad skincare is the first American doctor owned brand.
The company prides itself on leading and cutting edge innovation in skincare and recipes that have stayed true to the ideals of the original founder Dr.Howard Murad.
Superior formulas
Personalised care
The all inclusive healthy lifestyle are the core principles of the brand.
I recently got the featured set from murad skincare.
Purchased it on sale from bathandunwind, they ship to Nigeria because I’ve been looking to do stuff for my
Skin as regards fine line and crow feet.
I’m still working on definitive reviews for the eye creams i’m using. These things take time.
All murad products come in the three essential steps
That’s why they have a lot of kits.

The resurgence range is for aging.
The murad set has
One step two toner
One step two treatment age diffusing serum and two step three protect moisturisers which are actually sunscreen.
This is a first look so expect how we fared in a bit.
Have you tried any murad products before?
Their acne kit is really cool.
What say you?

Love and shopping


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