acnefree therapeutic sulfur mask review

Acne free is a brand I met at amah and dee pharmacy in lekki chevy view estate.
The pharmcy is one I’ve raved about continuously here on twitter if you follow me.
I make sure to stop over whenever in Lagos and avail myself of the wonders of that store.
There’s always a surprise.

The mask cost me 800naira
It contains sulphur 3.5% and copper along with vitamin c
I’ve used it for the past months since purchasing it about 3x weekly and it hasn’t failed to impress.

Haven’t seen the brand elsewhere save on amazon usa
They also had acne gel (benzoyl peroxide) which cost 800naira as well.
I love this product and when layered with my neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub it makes for nice clear skin.
I leave on for about 30minutes and follow with water and other treatments.
I prefer this to the queen Helene mint julep mask and I think this is probably what they were put to achieve.

Love it.
Rating 5/5
No nonsense product.
Amazing value.


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