Maxi peel tretinoin


Maxi peel tretinoin is a clever product.
There’s 3 in the range starting with a soap, cream with sunscreen which contains glycolic acid and this number 3 in the line up which has 4% hydroquinone and.025% retinol derivative.
This is a powerful combination of products that will lighten skin and retinol will help to build and exfoliate.
It’s pretty cheap at 500 a bottle and never mind the stained packaging.
It’s sealed and sometime products pour.
Best used at night and not more than two months at a stretch because it will be counterproductive.
Anything hydro quinone is not used for more than a month tops by my standards and this is 4% hydroquinone the highest available in any product.
Very comparable to the obagi new derm clear number 3.
If you’re looking to use the obagi system, this is a cheap start for you.
About obagi systems, I’ve got some old news for you which will most likely sound new. That coming up soon.
Probably not as much planning and care in execution but I have no doubt it will deliver.
Will only recommend this for serious pigmentation issues.
So if you want to get rid of dark marks and dark patches of skin, get in touch if you want to try this.
shop skinplus here for contact info

Love and shopping


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