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Avon youth restore firming face cream

This is one cheap but uhhuhmazing 100mls of good stuff.
The Avon youth care firming face cream has-

Hydrolysed elastin
Grape seed extract

This is what you find as single ingredients in entire brands/product lines.
I’m using this on my body as I’ve always had fine lines on the back of my legs and my hands.
I’ve used a whole lot of stuff and if I’d been doing reviews all along,  you’d get lost in this blog.
I like this cream and I think you will too for your body.. I’m placing the emphasis well.
Very calming and great for night moisturizing especially since it doesn’t have sunscreen and it has retinol.
This is automatically on re- purchase.
Loving eeeeet but not for face which is what it was manufactured for.
it broke me out badly on the two occasions I put it on my face.
Terrible scars left behind for which I’ve been using maxipeel 4% hydroquinine to spot treat (story for another day) and caudalie polyphenols sunscreen fluid.
Perhaps because there’s no serious ingredient that targets pores like salicylic or glycolic.
This is because you can’t use retinol with any of those two or at least within an hour of each other.
It wasn’t developed for acne anyways.

If you want this, you can pre-order but I may have


a tub or two in shop.

Love and shopping


2 thoughts on “Avon youth restore firming face cream”

  1. Hi! How do I pre-order? Also, do you sell clear essence products? or know where in Calabar I can get the authentic products? Been searching but the few I seen look fake 😦


    1. Hi dear, no I don’t do clear essence. It’s rather difficult to put a finger on the good ones these days. Maybe you can try another brand. Depends on what you want to achieve


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