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Beauty/cosmetic shops in calabar

Long overdue post for which I must apologise profusely.
Here are the cosmetic shops I know in calabar.

Pardon my descriptions.
I just want this to be as easy as possible for anyone without having to resort to calling/emailing.

1. Start from the market-
Two shops almost beside each other separated by one line.
Enter the market through the main car park and go in through a side line where they have ada shoes.
Ask for fab or sunny and you’ll get your essentials.
Basic stuff.
These two are my main gees!
Been buying from them from childhood.
Then there’s confidence who is inside the market.
I really don’t know how to describe his shop but I’ll likely just find the line number after this.

Strawberry at big qua shopping complex opposite the stadium
Skincare, makeup
She has pielor
Hamman scrub
Color me cosmetics line of products

On marian road,
There are a number of shops.
From one end to the other

Hanson skincare
Used to be with strawberry but has his own shop now.
Skincare, a few makeup products
Porselene products

Enumex cosmetics-
They used to be at watt market but they moved to the permanent site on marian road opposite total station.
It’s a big shop with perfumes and stuff like that.

La’estel beauty-
Sells mostly makeup-
Tara, BMpro, bh , etc
Inside krab almost adjacent to Enumex cosmetics.

Favourite supermarket
A few yards down from enumex is this supermarket with a few shelves of skincare and makeup.

Ritas Beauty-
Adiabo lane off marian road.
Opposite former naf club hotel which is right after fiesta fries.
So you can cross the road into atekong drive from fiesta fries and make a right turn at the former starcomms office and then another right on the second street.
Or come from mcc and it’s right before atekong drive.
Makeup services, spa and skincare

Supermarket with skincare and hair products
Olay especially.
They just love olay.
A good number of products are available at their new location at venetian mall on the highway.

Skinplus- me
Parliamentary road extension
Same building with nosam lab.
House of tara
Sleek skincare and makeup
Avon, french products
Hair products.

That’s all I know for now.
If you have any others,
Kindly add to this for me.


28 thoughts on “Beauty/cosmetic shops in calabar”

  1. Hi, I just came across your site, i’m looking for a body concealer called dermablend I don’t know if any of the shops you just mentioned would have it. It’s used to cover up scares, in my case I need it for stretchmarks on my leg. Can you pls help me. Waiting for your reply


    1. Hello grace. None of the shops carries dermablend. I don’t too. It is quite pricey. You can pre order though. It is available on escentual. Why not look at treating the stretchmarks ? Mary kay time wise moisturiser and retinol creams are a very good option


  2. hi,pls where can I buy meladerm cream in calabar. my skin is terribly pigmented and I have also got very dark spots from pimples. thanks


    1. Hi dear, I don’t know of any shop that has meladerm. However you can build a regimen of exfoliation and treatment with sleek skin care and otherprducts which will work as well. You ca buzz me if you need help with that


    1. Olay is a very good cream but there is no such thing as olay lightening cream unless the ones made for the asian market ehich arent readily available here. I suggest you get a regular moisturiser for your skin loke body butter and then use sleek serum or get natural body pils and include in yoir regimen like almond oil. Also get a gppd body scrub like st.ives apricot woth salicylic acid and you will be fine


  3. Hi pls, which whitening oil or serum with no flaws can be mixed with otentika cream that will not reveal vein or cause stretch marks but gives a flawless whitening skin colour? Thanks


  4. Nice meeting you all.
    please, which of the shops will need students who are on industrial attachment (I.T). Especially those offering aesthetics and cosmetology?


    1. Hello sammy. We already spoke on the phone. Unfortunately I do not know the situation with these shops listed. I personally do not have such a programme now or in the works. It’s a long term thing. I do hope you find a place


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