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site alert- cherry culture

This is a paypal related development for us in Nigeria.
I found this site last year but I hadn’t started blogging actively at the time and it uses paypal as it’s getway so it will reject any non paypal supported card or shipping address other than that in the paypal account.

Cherry culture stocks nyx, La girl, La splash , milani and a number of other brands.
The products are ALWAYS affordable plus they always have some sale or the other going on.
The only issue you may have is that you won’t find very new products for these lines except for nyx and limited stuff too

They also have their own range of products and I’m looking to try the lip balm which has the most awesome packaging and is on sale right now for $0.99 ha!
Yep. That cheap.
It has petroleum derivatives though so if you’re all green, don’t bother.

The site uses credit/debit card and paypal.
They ship directly to Nigeria by usps 1st class mail which is actually untracked and takes a number of days.
If you are going this route, be patient.
All the same those of us who love buying online are die-hards. We calmly wait for purchases to come.
Shipping starts at $12.95.
Don’t add nailpolish to your cart please.
It won’t ship.
There you have it.
Get going.


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