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Natural hair products in calabar

Hi everyone. I had a busy weekend. How was yours? I attended the naturals in the city event hosted by ekene of thekinkandi and natural nigerian. Well, I was busy otherwise I didn't hear any of the things that were said. To put the word out there, skinpluscalabar is open. We have a few natural… Continue reading Natural hair products in calabar

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chandrea Lifestyle calabar – buttermilk soap review

Sodium palmate Sodium cocoate Glycerin Titanium dioxide Parfum ( eugenol, coumarin limalool alpha methly ionone ) 98% organic Chandrea is a lifestyle brand. Based in calabar as all I know for now. I say brand because they have a wide array of own products .. Bath soaps, fizzes , fragrance oils, house sprays,lotions too. I… Continue reading chandrea Lifestyle calabar – buttermilk soap review

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HOw Effaclar Duo Plus changed my Life

Effaclar Duo plus is a product from larocheposay part of the L'oreal family. Since I got my first item to review from escentual which was a tube of effaclar duo plus, my skin has never remained the same. Yes, I get outbreaks of acne once in a while when I slip up on regimen or… Continue reading HOw Effaclar Duo Plus changed my Life

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Olay lift and firm eye gel review

Olay has got so many products out there it's difficult to even decipher what is which and which is what. So I got this from valuemart calabar when i considered my lines had become an emergency and something needed to be done to halt the progression immediately. It cost 2200 Nair a and I started… Continue reading Olay lift and firm eye gel review

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Cult beauty sites I'm loving – site alert

New website that ships to Nigeria I found on cult of pretty Appears shortly after I found meow meow tweet she did too. Okay so i copped this off her, found them on instagram and fell in love. There's something divinely delicate about their packaging, website and the products. Pink bath salts? Sigh. Peep this… Continue reading Cult beauty sites I'm loving – site alert

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Ingrams the skin doctor camphor cream – review

Hello south Africa. Today's post is about a south African product. I bought this cream in 2013 in Ibadan. It was during the west African college update course and I'd run out of moisturizer on purpose. Any reason to go trolling. So out we went and ended up at shoprite where I bought this. There… Continue reading Ingrams the skin doctor camphor cream – review

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Laughter Lines and eye cream

So I woke up one morning in the childrens emergency and discovered I had crows feet. Also known as laughter lines. I just grew old overnight. I've been concentrating on acne and the eye cream I used had no retinol after I finished my tube of retinol I didn't replenish. So there I was. I… Continue reading Laughter Lines and eye cream