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Lucas pawpaw ointment

Pawpaw ointment image courtesy

So the adventures of samsie.
I’ve been seeing this cult product for a long time.
A number of celebs have mentioned it as their go to salve for lips and bits.
It has been used for acne too, nappy rash, boils, it’s like Egyptian magic cream (story for another day)
It’s made in Australia by the Lucas family.
Their father started it about 100 years ago.
He was a botanist.
The amazing thing is that for it’s cheap for all it does.
A 9g tube is about 4australian dollars.

Pawpaw has an enzyme called papain.
Let me tell you a story about it.
A colleague had this skin growth that had been cauterised, podophyllised and what not, along with 5% salicylic gel and 10% too.
Nothing really worked.
2days of raw pawpaw leaves and as at now that entire thing is history.
I’m just saying you can make your own pawpaw salve too. Theirs is made by fermenting carefully selected pawpaws.

Back to the Lucas and sons, I decided I was going to try this because it’s an amazing exfoliant especially for lips.
I’ve been using carmex lip balm and it’s amazing.
It has a bit if salicylic acid and my pink came back in 2months.
Like I just noticed I got some pink on my lips.
Exfoliation sure is important.

I sent a message to pawpaw shop uk as you cannot buy this directly on their site.
If you get from the shop au, you aren’t allowed to resell.
They sent an invoice.
That’s the end of the story.
For now that is.
I’m going to definitely find a way around it and when i do try it out myself you bet I’ll find a way to stock it.
Legitimately too.

If you’ve tried this, I’d love to know exactly how it went for you.
Please drop a note.
If you’d like to try it as well, do leave a message. Maybe you’ll Get one when i do.
I mean, the more we are the merrier the party.

PayPal arrived Nigeria a few months ago and I’m now making arrangements to get it.
So lets hear from you if you want one.

Love and shopping


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