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Paula's choice mini reviews

Hello loves,
How is everyone doing?
It’s been a bit of a hassle here.
I still have so many posts.
I’m beginning to imagine what life was before this blog got the better of me.
I mean, you wake up in the morning and you are writing out drafts, editing and all.
I absolutely love that in some way I can be helpful to you while doing something I enjoy.

I posted about the Paula’s choice samples I got here
And here’s a review of the stuff I’ve used from those samples.

Skin balancing oil reducing cleanser

Paula says cleansers must be gentle and never leave the skin tight or dry.
This is a creamy wash that is designed to gently take makeup and oil off skin.
It does so adequately well.
Instructions say you should add a bit of manual cleansing with a towel or sponge.
I used the ole henricksen cellulose facial sponge.
It can be used around the eye area
This would also be a good deal for electric facial brushes.
It took makeup off well and didn’t strip skin of moisture.
I however doubt if it can control breakouts adequately and so I will be testing a full bottle.
This is because It was a small sample and I didn’t use it for a long time.
It should be followed with the toner
Annitje was very bothered about the products I would be using with this and she made sure to include one line which was my main interest from start to finish.

skin balancing pore reducing toner
The toner was as effective as it should be and it did clean up nicely after the cleanser.
There wasn’t much to take off anyway.
It didn’t strip my face although there was that filmy feeling which went away once it air dried.
This is a very good toner and scores all the good points except the left over moisture but that dried fast

skin balancing super antioxidant serum
This serum smells a bit like eggs but it is amazing.
Unlike the other serums, this is a creamy consistency. It has retinol which is a plus plus plus for any serum that aims to correct skin.
I liked it a lot but I didnt like the smell.

skin recovery replenishing moisturiser

For normal to dry and very dry skin
Gentle enough to be used on the eye area so you dont have to get a different cream for the eyes.
Amazing !
I have oily skin but it felt like wow and non greasy.
It didn’t break me out and none of the products did by the way which is a maximal plus.

weekly resurfacing peel with 10% glycolic acid3mls
You know I love glycolic acid.
I used this peel on my mum twice.
It gave an instant glow to her skin and when used with the antiaging moiaturiaer for mature skin I loved the overall effect.

Conclusion is that I really didn’t need to do a lot of testing before deciding which products would make it down here again.
I am very positive about getting paulas choice in nigeria via their south african base and i’m certain the peel as well as the serums will do very well for african skin.
I enjoyed using the samples and I love paulas choice!
My top purchase will be the peel and dry skin serum.

Love and shopping


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