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new products in shop (skinplus calabar) naturalistas alert

hi everyone,

we are taking some time off blogging as i had earlier said this year but i promise i will make up for it when i do come back.

just a little update on what is in store right now in calabar

we have natural hair products

creme of nature argan oil shampoo and conditioner 2200 each

castor oil from natural nigerian 1500 for 8oz

bentonite clay 1800

flaxseeds 1500

tresemme naturals shampoo and conditioner 966mls at 2500 each

mango butter 50g at 1200

jojoba oil 60mls at 1800

tea tree oil 15mls at 1800

lavender oil 1800

lemon oil

lemon grass oil

eucalyptus oil

rosemary oil

2000 each

avon naturals shampos 1litre each 2500

avon naturals shampoo and conditioner 1litre each 2500

avon shower gels 1000  naira each for 250mls

shea butter 300naira for 100g

coconut oil, cold pressed 1200naira for 100mls

almond oil 1300 for 4oz and 1700 for 8oz

grapeseed oil and avocado oil will be restocked soon and i will let you know.

we expect to see you in store or add up bb pin 5687595A

we deliver in calabar municipality and ikot ansa for free.

delivery outside calabar starts at 1500naira


2 thoughts on “new products in shop (skinplus calabar) naturalistas alert”

  1. Please I need eucalyptus oil, almond oil and coconut oil ASAP! I am in Calabar. Get in touch please as your whatsapp is not working.


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