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chandrea Lifestyle calabar – buttermilk soap review

Sodium palmate
Sodium cocoate
Titanium dioxide
Parfum ( eugenol, coumarin limalool alpha methly ionone )
98% organic

Chandrea is a lifestyle brand.
Based in calabar as all I know for now.
I say brand because they have a wide array of own products ..
Bath soaps, fizzes , fragrance oils, house sprays,lotions too.

I have been seeing chandrea from day 1 beside valuemart on marian road calabar but my curiousity was never piqued beyond a quick lookover at the products in store.

They moved location to venetian mall and with a huge outlay space full of exotic furniture and outer wordly sigh provoking interior decor materials I had to visit and have since become a regular lusting after furniture priced way above my current means.
They don’t allow pictures so sorry,no shop pictures.

Do you know why it’s easy to lust after skincare products.
Visit any skin/makeup site and arrange products from high to low..
You probably won’t hit one million naira on any item.
So I easily migrate to throw pillows and the corner where the scents are all stashed.

I have gotten a number of items but of course I am not one to do a haul haul because I haul anytime I step out my door and who really wants to know the brand of italian tomato purree I die for at valuemart ( see that there )

So I bought this teeny bit of bar soap on the 1st of october and also a strip of fabric tape which went into some order wrapping immediately.

They gifted me two little tea candles because ahem*i begged for and there weren’t any smaller bags.
Sorry, I beg in shops! Hahaha!

It’s called buttermilk soap and costs 500naira.
Here’s how we went down.

The smell- not very buttery but it is organic so no artificial smells allowed.

Lather- a lot of soap suds
No faulting this.
It cleaned well and left my skin feeling like it had a good wash.
The only downside for a butter milk soap is that I expected to have some creamy thing left on my skin but that didn’t happen. 😦

All in all if you have oily skin,this will be the perfect bar for you.
With dry skin or atopy I don’t think it will cut it.
I’m looking to try the other varieties of soap they have available and one diffuser from the line plus their candles.
Maybe we can work something out.
I have a thing for home grown brands…

Until next time people, hop into chandrea calabar and enjoy yourself.


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