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Benefit porefessional review

This one product.
The uk’s most loved primer.
The other primers I’m loving up to try are
.smashbox camera
.heir atelier
.Becca poreless matte
Maybelline baby skin pore eraser

The struggle is real.
Benefit ships to Nigeria but you need to see how I struggled to get myself the free one in elle uk June.
It was come hell and high water.
Cost me some but I always love a small tester before the big leap and 4mls of product is about as good as I need for an introduction and making my mind up.

This came as you must have seen here with my elle uk from

I immediately dropped my go-to primer, the rimmel
And started on this.
It came in a little tube with the same design as the full one and had a sealed top.

The colour is a brownish tan mix and it goes on pretty matte.
You can feel it sealing up the pores but amazingly no breakouts ensued.
I’ve been using it with my la Roche posay effaclar duo plus and together it’s a great team.
I’ve also used it alone severally and it didn’t disappoint.
My makeup stayed in place all day and even for a wedding I only blotted twice.
It stayed on all day and I didn’t have itchy face syndrome.

Some Nigerian brands have primer but I really haven’t tried them out.
The fear of silicon for a face that breaks out with any provocation is real.

Does your face manufacture oil?
Do you need a fail proof matte primer?
Here you go.

I’m looking to roll out full shop soon and this is one of the products that will be available.
Let me know if there’s anything you want me to try and which primers you can recommend I keep an eye out for.

Love and shopping

benefit 4mls

benefit 4mls


9 thoughts on “Benefit porefessional review”

  1. I love me some milk of magnesia please. Honestly I don’t wanna try anything else. I have a very oil/blot prone face. Milk of magnesia keeps me blot free all day. My make up stays in place. I don’t break a single sweat. If u wld give me this benefit free I would use oo. If u have not tried m.o.m you should. Meanwhile ur giveaways should be done here and not instagram please. Mwah!


    1. Oh yeah. I know a lot of people use that .stuff on their faces but I haven’t bought into it yet. Maybe when I find a teeny little bottle. But if I do find some deluxe porefessional sample u will have it.


  2. Hello dear, I have read so many reviews about the Becca primer and I can’t wait till u have it in for sale. Fingers crossed


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