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Olay lift and firm eye gel review


Olay has got so many products out there it’s difficult to even decipher what is which and which is what.
So I got this from valuemart calabar when i considered my lines had become an emergency and something needed to be done to halt the progression immediately.
It cost 2200 Nair a and I started using it as soon as I bought it.


This gel is formulated for people 40+ and it contains vitamins B6 ,B5 which work best for skin with blemishes and dehydrated skin because they help retain moisture.
There’s also witch hazel.
Witch hazel calms and tones skin,
B6 is helpful for aging skin which lacks moisture and although I initially doubted that it would do any firming I still bought it.
It’s a clear gel which cools the skin immediately you put it on, dabbing the under eye area with it.
Skin feels tighter immediately afterwards and then that’s it.
Nothing else happened.


For something that is marketed to treat advanced skin defective in collagen,I’m really wondering what the idea olay was working with here is.
It should have been marketed for eye bags,puffness and dehydrated aging skin.

It didn’t lift anything and even though skin felt tighter after use it was a temporary effect that didn’t last.
It has no sun protection factor (spf) and so I don’t know what they expected anyone to do with it during the day.
Wear spf over it ?
Or probably go to bed wearing vitamin infused witch hazel which is all this really is.

Packaging is just off as this little tub is wont to get contaminated with germs as use is continued.
Maybe I just prefer pump dispensers for eye creams which are supposed to be delicate skin preparations.
A little tube will also have worked better or a roller as well to ease application.

I didn’t like this product and I stopped using it after a week.
That’s my honest view.
I think as someone who has used a number of olay antiaging products on my hands, I must say this is my least favourite of their entire range i’ve used.

Love and shopping


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