Chia seeds and black seed

Our friends at dietcafe have finally decided to open shop. Looking for chia seeds, almonds, black seeds, psyllium husk, quinoa, whatever your diet needs. They will have it We have their products in stock with us in calabar. All organic seeds, nuts and supplements for your diet.  For now they have chia seeds in 100g and 15g… Continue reading Chia seeds and black seed


Honey granola in calabar

Honey granola is now available in store and pop up  It costs N300 for 20g and N500 for 70g Our granola is a mix of nuts, fruits and seeds. The first version available is Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, pineapple,  cashews, cocoa nibs. Flaxseed oil. Tiger nuts, coconuts, pecans,cashews, hazelnuts , almonds  Sunflower seeds, black seeds,… Continue reading Honey granola in calabar