You can’t have it all

I want to briefly talk about life. How you can’t get everything you want in life.

Example in today’s issue is payment options.

I enjoy the ability to work on my phone. I have never wanted a business that takes me away from my phone. Why ? It is easy. You are always with your phone and you can keep track of everything using a few apps.

You can make invoices with waveapps or invoice simple but they won’t allow you accept payments. They accept cards and all but we aren’t usa citizens for now. 

You can try intuit books to say ” oh now I’m going to keep my books and accounts right”but they don’t support nigeria anyway.

Then you have our home grown paystack

Everything I need and more. Invoices. Pay by card. Pay by bank. Create one time payments. Create subscription payments. Integrate with woo commerce. Integrate with shopify but no app yet. Paystack is like the replacement for quickteller. Yes. Paystack is the new gateway for payment. There’s no app just yet. 

Then there’s payant. A quick use mobile app with one time setup and no invoicing and other features on the app. The app is just a pos. For all those who keep claiming they don’t have cash. Get them!

Square register is one of the best BUT nigeria is not supported. You can only use it as a cash register operator for now. I love it all the same because i record even transaction that goes in and it helps me know what is going on. 

I’ve been through the world of small business book keeping and accounting and all. Apps are much better than physical books. 

I recently downloaded loystar app. It helps you save your client details for bulk sms messaging and sets up a reward system for your clients so long as sales are clocked in on the app. 

However I am yet to figure out of it really accepts payments. It’s abbot difficult to manoeuvre for now and it looks a but busy. 

I’m quietly waiting for a paystack app. They also have other payment options coming up for business soon and I can’t wait. 

My world will then be perfect. 


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