What does organic mean ? 

Organic means a product has been made or food has been made with items and materials that are from plant or animal origin. 

Note that petrochemicals are not of plant and animal origin so don’t bring vaseline here with paraffin wax. LoL.
It has to be all these things listed.

Organic is usually natural.Natural does not mean it is organic.

I hope you understand this.

Organic means that no chemical went into any of the raw materials used to make the product.No fillers like c12-15acrylate.No additives like mineral oil to increase the volume .No dimethicone to make it silky and non sticky.

Organic is actually safer. You don’t need to go about reading labels. 

For now we dont have a body that certifies organic products in nigeria.

Everyone is calling their stuff organic and we have ro trust that there is integrity on the sellers end. I’m thinking of doing a compilation of really organic brands in nigeria.  

In the usa there is the USDA that certifies and in the the uk the soil association does that. 

So guys, have you tried any organic products ? 

Have they worked ? Most importantly 


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