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A week away and products I tried

Packing for a trip is always a hassle. You don't want to forget important things and you don't want to break out either. I often use time away to test new products. I bring along my tested and trusted products and then I try new ones. I've been in ibadan nigeria for a week and… Continue reading A week away and products I tried

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My night time facial routine

I rotate frequently between products I'm trying out and my staples but here is a typical night time routine for me.  If you've been following the blog, you will recognise my holy grail products.   This is routine number 1.  Lazy and simple. Gets the job done avoids breakouts.  Julep, love your bare face for… Continue reading My night time facial routine

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Bath and body work shea moisture lotion review.

 I have been using it up just bit by bit postponing the day of doom when it finishes. I daresay this is one moisturiser that didn't have me reaching for a natural oil to mix things up. My skin loves moisture and I don't deprive it of some. It especially loves locking moisture in. Did… Continue reading Bath and body work shea moisture lotion review.

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Alba botanica acne dote review

I review a great find in a retinue of facial toners worldwide. I say worldwide because when it comes to toners there isnt such a wild market for them. They arent so many if you ask me. I bought this toner from marshalls in the usa and I havent readily found this brand in nigeria… Continue reading Alba botanica acne dote review

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frankincense and myrrh essential oils in store- calabar

A few months ago someone called me about these two oils and i didn't remember to get them in store until recently. Both oils are especially known as part of the gifts the three wise men gave to our Lord Jesus at his birth. what you may not know however is the skin regenerating properties… Continue reading frankincense and myrrh essential oils in store- calabar