Little sample reviews 

I got a number of samples last year.

All the l’occitane was from the airport.

Generous nice girls at IAH. So , I didn’t get down to using the until this year not in a big hurry. 

L’occitane is a brand i especially love a lot. I tried out the shea hand cream I’ve used a bigger size before and as usual it was thick, moisturising and fantastically done.
I never used the almond milk before.I didn’t like the smell but it was light and also moisturises too but not as much as the hand cream. Of course hand creams are meant to be thicker and this is for body.

I used the immortelle cream about 3 years ago and I liked it although i found it too thick for my face. Then I was always scared of breaking out. I used this on my hands and my body and it still has the beautiful soothing smell i knew of it before. None of them actually causes breakouts so I was just being cautious. 

The price point is a huge limiting factor or one of these would have been my staple. 

That said,I’m working on the ultimate body butter and it’s almost perfect.

I also got these pant liners called poise. 

I found them very comfortable and I thought to just share in case yout come across them and you want to try them. 

I got the entire pack of 3 variants for 99ç.they have a product for bladder leakage. For women who have dveloped incontinence and have leaks during the day.

Just thought to share my little sample reviews with you. 

Have you tried any product from  l’occitane ? 

Do you know anyone who suffers from bladder incontinence ? How do they manage it ? Share with us. 


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