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Estee lauder DISSOLVE THE DRAMA  review 

Look how small the bottle is beside the pad.

I got a trial size bottle of the estee edit from one of my sephora play’s a 15mls bottle.

The product is thick, almost sticky like glycerin. Instructions are to apply using a cotton pad or rub on dry face ( I.e makeup).This pad is just showing dirt off my regular day face. It’s amazing. Almost better than some micellar water I’ve used before.

I haven’t worn makeup in 3 weeks. I hurt my foot and I’ve been indoors 

Small cute 15mls size bottle

The glorious bottle. I was searching for a toner when I found this and my mind thought it was micellar water so I set out to use it. 

After using it I checked out the ingredients.

Here’s what is in it – aloe, cucumber, jojoba oil

They instruct you can use it as a cleanser with cotton wool and rinse off afterwards or apply over your face with hands then rinse off. 

I slathered it on using a cotton pad. It’s slick and a tad bit sticky.

Instructions say to be washed off after this and I washed it off. I think this it offs a fantastic take on oil cleansing. The fragrance is a bit much for someone like me who has been off fragranced products for a while. 

I’ve been using my own skincare and I much prefer the smell of coconuts or essential oils.

However I love the way it cleanses off everything and can bear that for the fragrance which is supposed to be nice.

My take is that if this takes off simple dirt on my face then it should be as good for makeup. 

I tried it and although it was a little bit like a sticky mess requiring one swipe and a half, it seems to me that someone who prefers things a little bit more oily than micellar water  but doesn’t want to use a cleansing oil can go with this quite easily. 

It removes mascara, eye liner and a full face of makeup.

I had to put all that on just to take it off with this.

Final verdict~

I won’t be buying this full size  because

1. Pricey for a basic function – a full bottle costs about $32 plus tax maybe $35 for a 6.6.7oz bottle. 

Currently on sale for $22 though here estee site

2. Sticky 

3. fragranced 

If you’re into high end stuff because I would grade this a high end makeup remover enjoy yourself , go for it. 

I would stick to almost 250mls of garnier micellar water for N5000 available at most spar outlets. 
You can get this in nigeria at the nail bar in v.i I think .

In abuja I’ve not really heard of any store that carries estee lauder yet. if you do, drop us a line. 

I’m curious, how do you take makeup off at the end of the day ?


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