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Effaclar duo plus spf 30 review

Hi loves,

I’m still using my holy grail effaclar duo plus under makeup but not everyday. I was chatting with a friend on twitter who wanted to start a regimen and suggested effaclar duo plus to her. We looked and realised that effaclar duo had a new sister called the duo spf 30

Remember effaclar duo plus from here. It has been reworked and sunscreen added to it to improve the anti dark mark factor.

For me the most important thing about this is that finally we get a product that reliably helps with acne acne and has sunscreen in it as well. 


The active ingredients are- 

  • Niacinamide
  • .Zinc.
  • Salicylic acid
  • LHA 

Zinc is both uva and uvb but they still give a warning that if you’re going to have full sun exposure then you should use a full spf factor.

It comes in the same packaging which reduces contaminants and helps to control the volume to use at a time.i don’t use a lot of product anyway. 

My thoughts are that this works fine enough and if you ask me for black skin it’s good to go.There aren’t any parabens in this nor any formaldehyde producing agents.

I’ve been using it and it does the same job quite good enough as it’s predessor.

It doesn’t leave a white cast as you can see here and it is a beautiful moisturiser.

It still mattifies and works like a primer.

Applied on my hand. A tiny blob and another rubbed in. This is the quantity i use or just a bit bigger than this.

I love it.

There’s no doubt I will be stocking this on  skinplus website 

Good things have to be shared.


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