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La Roche posay Effaclar duo plus review cc @escentual


I typed up a post for this review but something happened to it and it’s lost somewhere in my memory card.
Can’t retrieve it.
Had to do another and that’s why it’s so late.

I got the la roche posay effaclar duo plus from escentual as a trial product
Its a full sized one at that.
This is my first promo product since I started blogging about skincare actively In november 2013.
I haven’t been long at the skincare blogging but I’ve been writing about all sort here and using stuff I’m still reviewing from way back last year.

The effaclar duo plus came as an absolute game changer because I used the effaclar duo last year and it left me sorely disappointed.
Here’s a pic from one of my first hauls from escentual.

Effaclar duo, effaclar k and vichy

All acne products.
Adult acne is a real problem I tell you.
I never had this issue in secondary school.
I turn 17 in university and boom, I’m breaking out madly.
Maybe it’s the suffering.

So back to our story.
I had this sent to my addy in the uk and shipped to me here (thanks chikey)

It comes in a plastic tube with a little nozzle like tip that dispenses a tiny blob of product per squeeze which is a great improvement on the packaging of the effaclar duo it’s predecessor.

La roche posay says-
Non comedogenic
Hypo allergenic
No paraben
Nickel tested- developed for people sensitive to nickel

what makes effaclar duo plus different?
Procerad is a patented ceramide that helps protect against the appearance of brown or red marks.
This is the new ingredient that differentiates the effaclar duo from the new plus.

The previous ones are
Piroctone olamine- antibacterial that combats bacterial proliferation
LHa and salicylic acid -completely keratolytic actions
Targeted linoleic acid- regulate keratinocytes and target the follicle ( you’ll see this helped my dark spotted follicles)

I started using it about 8weeks ago and I made sure to stop all the other acne products I was using especially my salicylic wash which is quite good.
I was still using the pads 3x weekly.
After one week I noticed the clarity of the skin around my tzone.
This area is fraught with little dark pores and since I keep trying products it gets better and then not.
All the dark spots on my cheek area also became less noticeable.
For a week I was strolling around very barefaced.
The oil control is also good.
I stayed matte for about 6hours before any shine started and when used under my sleek pressed powder you can say I started using it as a primer as well.
I actually liked the effect it gave me better than my rimmel primer ( covers face) LOL. How I raved there couldn’t be anything better.
This wasn’t even marketed as a primer but you need to see the finish.

The breakouts stopped as well
Like amazingly clear skin for about 3weeks.
I even left my benzoyl peroxide at home when I went on a trip for 2weeks.
I trusted this that much.
I haven’t used the BP since I started the effaclar duo.

why you still need to live right while using the effaclar duo plus
I changed environment, had some fries for a week and used dove soap on my face.
I use olay on my face occasionally when I’m too tired to do the routine because it has coconut acid so it doesn’t clog my pores.
I also wore makeup and didn’t cleanse properly
I guess the onslaught was too much and the breakouts came back but they weren’t as red as they usually are,lasted a shorter period and wow! They didn’t leave scars behind.
This just goes to prove that even if topical creams alone won’t work good skin, you can actually save a lot by using the effaclar duo plus.
A good cleanser and this may be all you,ll need if you are cash strapped.

After 2major outbreaks on my cheek I resumed the use of the effaclar plus and it got them in control.
I however have two dark marks to show for it which are fading.
This is a breakthrough product because I have stubborn skin when it comes to hyperpigmentation.

Here’s the summary of what I have to say about the effaclar duo plus

It controlled my acne
It mattified my face
It works as a primer
It cleared my spots better than a lot of products I’ve used.
It decongested and calmed my skin
Have I found another holy grail product ?
Will I buy this again ?
Will I recommend to you ?
If you have dry skin this product will also be awesome for you because it’s soothing and doesn’t cause peeling.

If you’ve got oily skin you still won’t go wrong here.
I think La roche posay should have called this QQ cream.
Whatever that will mean.
Seeing as almost all the alphabeths are taken.
What’s my verdict ? 5/5
Great product

Buy – escentual costs £15.50 there may just be a sale on. You never know.
Effaclar duo plus is available in Nigeria at skinplus,
183 parliamentary road extension,
Call or email to get one, we’ll ship to you.
For those who also need it in places where Escentual doesn’t ship, we can sort you out.
I wish I could give every person who has acne this product.
It should win some award this year because it truly is innovative and it works!


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