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Luvhair boutique


Here’s a shoutout to my weave provider loveth.
I’ve known her for about 3years and been buying weaves from her.
Finally found someone who sells hair that’s affordable, doesn’t shed and keeps it’s own.
I know there are so many brands of hair out there but one thing is sure I can vouch for what she sells.
I haven’t had problems since I started buying from her.
I own a few hair pieces and I go through cycles of using them then braiding nonstop.
Currently trying to decide what to do with my 2inch natural undergrowth.
The natural hair life affords one the relief of saying goodbye to unending breakage.

Maybe it’s time to order a closure to go with the peruvian hair I got from her last year and I dare say that hair is tangle free.
I go for days without brushing it.
I sleep without a scarf or all those satiny things everyone says you should lay with and nothing has happened to the weave.
I haven’t dyed any of them before but I’m planning to do some black on the 14inches in the picture.

Before loveth I used to sell and use taj hair which is indian hair. The problem I had with it was the high maintenance.
It was beautiful but you had to brush it so much.
Just incase chinenye taj hair is looking for me. This is what happened- loveth hair boutique.
I’ve recommended her to friends and I haven’t gotten any complaints.
So here’s her contact
Hit her up and get yourself a good hair deal

Instagram and twitter – luvhairboutique
Call 07052508728

Update- I dyed the virgin Brazilian with dark and lovely hair dye in black.
I think it’s a new product with olive oil.
The extensions put on some weight after that and the curls straightened out.
I used Hairven conditioner rinse out and leave on after the process.
The hair is stronger too. Hope it doesn’t go dry. 3days post install I haven’t had need to apply anything for moisture.
So far so good.

Love and shopping


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