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Sleek s skincare a dab of lightening review

Hi guys,
I’m preparing and scheduling posts just so that  when it gets real busy for me a lot of the work would have been done already.
I still have so many products to review it’s crazy.
There’s plenty stuff to use out there and it really just boils down to knowing your skins needs and finding the products that will give you your money’s worth.

Here’s sleek skincare’s a dab of lightening

This product is for hyperpigmentation.
I especially like to think that because of the high vitamin c content it work wonders for sun damaged skin.


imageit’s a bit difficult to pry the cover of the bottle from the dropper so you have to be careful with that. i love that it comes in a dark bottle. shows how much science went into this product because the vitamin c will degrade on exposure to light. this means you should also store it properly when you buy.

The dropper helps to control the amount of product dispensed because this is oil. one tilt and it’s all gone.



i didn’t try it out but someone else did and i watched it work over a was like magic. patches of sunburnt skin just cleared up and brightened.

Although sleek says you should use this for 3 months to notice considerable effects i think you’ll see it working earlier.

it has kojic aicd so i would’nt recommend using this on irritated red skin.

best used at night because thats when skin repairs itself better.

you can use the protect me sunscreen during the day.

if you are lightskinned and living in nigeria, please please and please get sunscreen or you’ll keep spending money unnecessarily.

it was said before we didn’t have options.

Now theres neutrogena sunscreen available almost everywhere with variations on the other ingredients.

some have salicylic acid, some have soy ,others have glycolic acid or a mixture of both.

they can be deep to the pocket so i advise to get best value for your money, use the sleek protect me along with this.
Smartshield sunscreen is also great. Non comedogenic assuredly.

Also best applied to particular areas of the skin like darkened bits,elbows et al.  you’ll probably use a bottle a week if you make this your body oil.then again you can do the mixology yourself, some olive oil or almond oil and this. if you find shea oil, good enough too as it has some spf of about 6  and then you can use this in the day but minimise exposure to sun.

A budget friendly available alternative for a lot of expensive vitamin c serums out there.

Costs 1000 from sleek bought while a sale was on.
Costs 1400 from sleek online here
V.I – 64b anifowoshe street off adeola odeku
Abuja- Bloomsbury plaza opposite kiss FM and just below gifty’s daughter.
Regular price would be about 1500 0r 1700 as i’ve seen on some sites.All sleek skincare products will be available at the pop-up in calabar from the 30th of may 2014.


Please note that you won’t find sleek skin products on the sleek site.
Sleek nigeria is a franchise of sleek uk and they now have their own skincare line
don’t go to sleek uk and usa you won’t find it.
If you need to try this and you are outside nigeria, shipping is about £20 I can help you buy and send.


Love and shopping


46 thoughts on “Sleek s skincare a dab of lightening review”

  1. I have had issues with pigmentation for a couple of years…I just wanted to get rid of the sunspots without bleaching my skin, I used Garnier Light which didnt do much for me, Johnsons’ fair range worked at preventing dark spots from forming and was relatively cheap. I’ve used Clinique’s Even better dark spot correcting serum and it worked slightly after prolonged use. I’m using L’oreal Youth Code serum at the moment, I havent seen much of a difference but I’ve only used it for 3 weeks, with most of these products apart from Johnsons’ I’ve had to order online and wait for weeks for my order to be shipped. I think I’ll try out the sleek product as long as it does not contain harsh chemicals.


    1. I can confidently say it will work for you. Loreal youth code is more of a preventive thing for rejuvenation of skin and wrinkles. It may not do what you need right now. It’s not expensive just try it and keep at the sunscreen. Use it at night too. Works better.


  2. Please please. I am always happy to stumble upon blogs like these. Especially nigerian. Keep up the good work. i have hyper pigmentation problem. You know our wahala na. I have tried a bunch of products i cant even mention. All i need is ur advice because i am tired of making wrong choices. one question please, what is the best full body cream and body soap/wash that help with my problem. i dont want to bleach. I just something that would even out my complexion beautifully. I know it takes more than cream and soap. But right now it is my major problem. Please i expect your beautiful response. Just a basic cream and soap/wash. Meanwhile i am about to buy nip and fab glycolic peel kit for my face and arm. i have serious KP on my arms, and glycolic acid is apparently good for it. So what do you think?


    1. Hi ima,
      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it a lot.
      The key thing with hyperpigmentation is patience to allow whatever you choose to use some time to work.
      It takes skin some days to renovate itself by making new skin cells so nothing will work very fast.
      For hyperpigmentation marks on the face I suggest the sleek skincare a dab of lightening. It has kojic acid as well as other herbal extracts which make it mild enough to use without worries on delicate skin.
      The nip and fab I’ve used the glycolic pads and I found them a bit sticky plus it has only 4% glycolic acid. Sleek skin neu reveal has 5% and is a cream when used with reveal more which has 8% glyolic acid you get a double effect and if you use the dab of lightening after that you are sure to see good results.
      A typical regimen for your face would be –
      A face wash with salicylic acid, salicylic acid pads to exfoliate on alternate days,then the sleek reveal creams alternated with the serum

      For a body soap and wash, I usually recomment neutrogena clear skin body wash which has 2% salicylic acid and for body cream sleek a stroke of lightening. These you will readily find and use in Nigeria.
      Finally you must use sunscreen to protect your skin while using this.
      Spf 30 and up and if you are light skinned, spf 50 up.
      Hope this helps.


      1. Thank you so much for your prompt response. Really excited. I am gonne check every store today in port harcourt. Before I go online. Thanks a lot. I pray I see the neutrogena body wash. I don’t think I have ever seen it around. I wld drop a comment by the end of today. If u can suggest any readily available face pad, so that I would buy at once. Mean while, not to bother you. I don’t know if you have an article on shaving the down area ;). I just think I get it wrong. Most girls I know use veet or a shaving stick here in naija. I know its not d best cuz we end up with ingrowns and bumps. If there is a link I missed please. Please do send or products you suggest. God bless you.


      2. Okay, for face pads, I use clearasil deep pore cleansing pads. It’s really the best I’ve tried and then for the sleek products, there should be a sleek outlet in ph. Otherwise, we’ve got some in store and can send to you.
        Now you mention shaving will probably see about a post on that but using sticks and veet is safe enough. It’s just the sequence with which you go about it, type of razor and pre post shave care.


  3. Just got this from your pop-up :D. Do you know how many % of vit c/ascorbic acid is in this?
    And I see a whole lot of other ingredients on it; I hope it’s not irritating?? x


  4. You didn’t answer my questions..
    Also, when will you have the Neuskin Reaveal (or where else can I get it). All that was there was “Reveal More”


    1. So sorry. I was in transit and replying you as quickly as I could. I would appreciate emails if you have a lot of concerns/questions to ask. All the same, I don’t have the neu skin reveal because it is 5% glycolic acid and a cream. After trying it I didn’t notice anything amazing. It is best used with neu skin reveal more which is 8% glycolic acid and can’t really do much on its own meaning it will be very slow in producing results. The reveal more however can do well alone and that is why I have stocked it,although it’s almost all out. There’s only one left. If you specifically want reveal, it will be available from the 3rd week in October. The vitamin c content in dab of lightening is about 30% as told by word of mouth by a senior sleek rep. This is higher than most products both foreign and acclaimed which stand at 10%.


  5. Ahh, thanks for the detailed reply!
    Wish I’d seen this earlier; read somewhere that it was the Reveal More that was “pointless”. Will return tomorrow to pick it up 😀 (and if it doesn’t work, I’m suing. Haha)


  6. So I went to pick up the Reaveal More today like I said I would; only to get home and realise that it expires October 2014. That’s 3 days away. Not cool


  7. Alright. Could you inform your people so there’s no confusion
    Will you have new stock soon though? Or should I go ahead and buy elsewhere?


    1. Have spoken to sleek and they will be replacing that. If you can find elsewhere please buy. Will be getting their stuff in two weeks. They will refund you please. Do find my number on the blog. And call. Or 08036345531. Thank you.


  8. Just tried to call. I’m a little confused now; do I still return the product to your shop or? And is it sleek refunding my money or replacing the product or what exactly, please?


    1. Hi chi
      The sleek stroke of lightening is the body cream. It is a light milk like consistency product that contains cocnut milk and it tones albeit not rapidly. It gives a slow glow. It’s the sort of cream a dark person can use and wont appear to be bleaching. I always am a stickler for exfoliation first. That usually doea most of the work after which one may not really need to use anything stronger on their skin. It ia perfect for smoothing colour and skin but it will not bleach.


  9. Heya.. Would it be possible for me to return the Neuskin tomorrow instead of today like you asked? Tied down somewhere and may not make it in time

    Also, can I have your email address please? Want to request some other items and make some inquiries. Called Sleek Studio in Abuja and they don’t have anything (how does that work??). Thanks x


  10. Pls I’m a bit light, its the sleek stroke of lightening purely for dark skin? Or which(body cream and soap/wash) will u recommend for me, i really desire a natural and clear skin glow, and where can i purchase in Kaduna?(I have a dry skin pls).


  11. I’m so excited about reading this..I’ve been wanting to invest in the sleek skincare range but I wasn’t sure…and the vit c serum seems very affordable compared to others I’ve seen..but first I shall purchase the SPF…that’s key.
    Amazing review!!!


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