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Sleek studio neu skin reveal -mini review.


I’m not doing a personal review of this product because I didn’t use it.
I bought it for someone and here’s the deal.
It works.
I can’t post her pictures here but she saw results in 3days.
With 8% glycolic acid it comes cheaper than most creams of it’s grade.
I know a few brands that could rip your pocket out for far less glycolic than this.
What’s best is that its a cream meaning better for congested skin.

I recommend it for adult acne for women above 30, although sleek made it as a skin prep pre lightening agents.
It can also be used for razor bumps for men, as an anti aging serum at night applied on wrinkles and crow feet.
Just a dab will do.
It will fade your scats from acne as well as work on dark knuckles.
That’s just how miraculous glycolic acid is.
If you are in search of a miracle glow, look no further.
I’m quite happy about this product and I hope sleek continues to produce it.
If you are using skineal, funbact a and all those other things that contain steroids which damage skin, this is a safer cheaper bet for you in the long run.
When I get around to using it on myself, I will give a detailed review but I don’t need to tell you I’ll be using it for everything under the sun.

Until then, I think you should try this little miracle.
please remember to wear sunscreen of at least spf 30 when using glycolic acid.
Also best used at night.

Available at sleek outlets and at ebeano supermarket lekki 1 where I bought this.

I hope to have this in calabar in the next month or so.
Love and shopping guys.

Update -sleek products including skin reveal and flash a pout are available at the skinplus in calabar. 183 parliamentary road extension.


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