Maxi peel tretinoin

Maxi peel tretinoin is a clever product. There's 3 in the range starting with a soap, cream with sunscreen which contains glycolic acid and this number 3 in the line up which has 4% hydroquinone and.025% retinol derivative. This is a powerful combination of products that will lighten skin and retinol will help to build… Continue reading Maxi peel tretinoin

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Sleek studio neu skin reveal -mini review.

I'm not doing a personal review of this product because I didn't use it. I bought it for someone and here's the deal. It works. I can't post her pictures here but she saw results in 3days. With 8% glycolic acid it comes cheaper than most creams of it's grade. I know a few brands… Continue reading Sleek studio neu skin reveal -mini review.