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Neutrogena oil free acne wash-redness soothing cleanser review


I love gel cleansers
Not because they feel good on my face
But because they work better for oily skin.
Bearing that in mind,I bought the green redness soothing cleanser

This neutrogena cleanser unfortunately even being a gel cleanser did not do the trick.
I don’t exactly know why but after reading a different review on paulas choice I thought to myself, probably some PH issues.

I had acne while using this ..
New ones and the old ones didn’t go away.
Quite surprising.
Maybe my skin wasn’t red enough for it to work.
But with 2%salicylic acid which is a miracle ingredient, I think something went wrong when formulating this particular one.

That’s the story.
I’m not giving this a score because I’m not happy about it ..
Same disappointment I had with the neutrogena on the a pot treatment.
For salicylic acid I think gels work better for face when formulated alone. Lather washes work when they have other exfoliants included in them and gels don’t work for leave on. Rather go for a cream if you’re leaving salicylic acid on or as an acne gel.

I’d love to hear if anyone has positive reviews with this product.


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