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Natio young pore invigorating scrub – review


This is one facial scrub I was so eager to try.
First saw it on look fantastic then I got it from debenhams
Natio is an Australian brand and like other Australian brands I know like the body skin care and jm, they use a lot of natural ingredients.

Natio site says –
Foaming gel exfoliator. Fights imperfections for a smooth, glowing complexion. For oily & combination skin types

Here’s what I think.

Firstly, products with a flip cap just have a way of welcoming you for re-use with water under the cap.
Maybe I rinse the storage area too much, but does this happen to anyone else ?
Flip caps are just annoying if you ask me
They never go back on tight enough or the hinges just fall sick and I end up taking the entire cover off.

Natio scrub is quite watery.
I was initially soooo disapponted with this I ended up using it as a body scrub and not primarily for my face
However after someone else tried it, she extolled it’s virtues.
For the times when I used this on my face, I didn’t break out and it did the job.
I think I was probably biased ab-initio and I did try to use it so I could give an honest review.
Fast forward 4months into owing it and I was absolutely loving the smell.
Some cross between a field of flowers and a calm spa.
I love the smell and later appreciated the little white non abrasive granules.
Then I realised okay, this was meant to be extra gentle and since it’s for oily skin I understood further why it was made so mild.
Abrasion worsens oil production.
it took me a while but I’m sold as to the luxury of this product.
No breakouts thanks to salicylic acid and gentle on skin.
Very gentle I must say.
Smells lovely -again.
Will make you happy at bath time.

I will recommend along with the oil free moisturiser for oily skin which was purchased shortly after it got here and came back with marvellous reviews.
I won’t be buying this for my personal use but I will stock It for those who will find it just the right consistency for their needs.

natio young scrub

natio young scrub



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