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Tatcha rice enzyme powder -classic review

Hi everyone.
Today I review a product that was on my wish list for a very long time.
I really wanted to try this out and I eventually did.
Tatcha is what I would call a cult skincare brand.
It’s one of those brands you probably won’t hear about but is just making the raves and those who use it know exactly why they stick to it.
Tara harper is another cult beauty brand but more wildly popular.
Perhaps the acid popularity is helping that too.

Tatcha is inspired by the geishas of Japan , is a natural brand and their products are inspired to give non irritating luxury skincare.


I got a 50g-100g size of the rice enzyme powder from sephora last year.
I still have it until now although I used it very frequently at the beginning and then after a while like all junkies are wont to, moved on to something else.

Recently I revisited the powder and have used it consistently.
This is what I have to say –

Tatcha rice enzyme powder
Tatcha rice enzyme powder

It comes in this cute little bottle with a sliding lock.
And that’s the powder there.

It’s extra gentle.
I can’t begin to describe how this powder feels.
You wet your hands, put a teaspoon on your hands and work up some lather then wash your face.
I have used it as a mask as well.

It cleans dirt and makeup effectively.
Most people who are into skincare do a double or three step cleanse.
I especially barely use facial powder ir foundation so it’s mostly the days dirt and grime I need to get off
This was usually followed by neutrons pink grapefruit scrub
Or preceeded by julep bare your face oil cleanse which I will review soon.

I love that there isn’t too much of a story behind the ingredients here.
Komenucha,pearl and I think a patented complex hadasei-3
It’s as simple as simple can be and as luxurious as taking care of your skin should be.
Used as a scrub which I did as well, I also found it to be very effective.
And it didn’t leave my skin dry afterwards.

Is this something I would repurchase ?
I doubt so.
Why ?
I just feel that after trying this I have sated the appetite and I don’t see a need for a product that costs this much if it isn’t adding to an anti aging regime for me at this time.
I will enjoy what’s left of it and perhaps should I find myself in the mood to splurge on skincare I will be trying the indigo collection from tatcha.
Did you see that there ?
Now you know why I won’t be buying this.
I got my eye on something else.  The tatcha deep rice enzyme powder for oily skin I have a feeling that will have the wow factor.
Glory to the day when I actually stick to one product faithfully.
If I had to give you some advice though it would be this.
Serums are the best splurge for your skin.
Experiment all you want but when you want to spend the big bucks,  tatcha radiant brightening serum or the overnight memory cream. You don’t want to know how much it costs.

Tatcha deep rice enzyme powder. Image from

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