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Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm review

The Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm is an absolute stunner at work.

This balm is soft with a pleasant non overwhelming fragrance and it melts when applied to the skin. It turns into a light creamy oil texture then dissolves makeup and grime. Rinsing it off is pretty easy, it emulsifies and leaves skin soft. This is my second time of using it. I’ve never had breakouts attributed to this balm. It’s that good. However, my mascara needs a wash with a second cleanser before it comes off completely. I use a wash towel to wipe off and i also have a soft facial sponge that I use on the second cleanse. This application is hands only then towel afterwards.

Elemis usually runs a few deals on their site where you can purchase items and get a free gift set which includes the balm.

I love the balm so much and I consistently used it for the duration of owing it. I’m waiting for another deal on their site to repurchase it.

It’s a 10!


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