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Bodycare empties and review

Olay cleansing and renewing nighttime body wash is a wash with retinol which was the main reason why I bought this. I got it on Amazon which is really super easy for quick purchases and less hassles with card checkout.

The olay wash has retinol, I loved the subtle fragrance and I did see some improvement in the skin on my thighs with consistent use. my intention is to passively focus on body care by choosing the right products and incorporating them into my routine.

I bought the Palmolive limited edition shower gel as a buy one get one free deal from kruidvat in Belgium during my stay there for a course. my skin was really acting up so I bought this but eventually I did switch to a dove body wash which I used twice but sadly have no photo of that to review. I do know it didn’t have sulphates. This wash worked well for me when back in humid Nigeria and I enjoyed the gel non filmy texture on hot evenings. It has no extra skincare benefits but I later added some lactic acid to it so I could have a little exfoliation on the side.

I’ll do a quick blog on my Antwerp Belgium visit soon. It took me a while to find my way around and I’d love to be of help to anyone who’s going there for holidays, school or anything else.


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