Clinique moisture surge 100H moisture replenishing hydrator

I stopped blogging for some time but I realised I can’t spend all my time on Instagram when I’m reality I still use google search engines whenever I need to make a purchase decision in the stores.

I’m going to be reviewing a lot of samples because I get a lot of them and I don’t know what the experience has been like with other people but I definitely am able to make up my mind about future purchases after using a sample sized product.

I got this sample from Paris ICI which is a chain of cosmetic and skincare stores in Europe. I think I saw it in Belgium and in Paris as well and also in Amsterdam

I hope to blog about those experiences soon. The product is relatively new on the market and I was excited to get a chance to try it. My verdict on this is that I’m definitely going to pick a full size. I’ve never been someone who’s big on hydration but I’m increasingly seeing the need to be a fan. This was a slightly thick product and I loved that about it because a lot of hydrating serum are slimly and light with an essence like texture.

It went on really nice and I could see my skin looking plump overnight. This Satchet lasted me five days. I’m quite frugal with product application. Not so much but If it works I can tell. It also didn’t pile when used under makeup and spf during the day. I mostly used it at night though because I always want to see effects after a good sleep and some cellular repair.

If this quick post is anything to go by, I’m back to blogging and I’ve been using a whole lot of stuff there’s so much to share.

Catch you ! Hope to update on where to find this in other countries but it’s a good 9.5/10, the extra mark is for me and yes it’s not fragranced and zero breakout or irritation potential.


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