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Basic three step regimen.

The journey to good skin begins with a simple 3 step routine.

You have to take makeup off at night

I even take it off as soon as I get home. 

I use julep oil cleanser or bioderma micellar water, I’ve also used coconut oil and shea butter rubbed all over the face and then washed off with warm water. 

Then the next step in my cleansing is a specific cleanser for my acne skin.

My favourite used to be Neutrogena pink grapefruit but I’ve since GRADUATED to African black soap by skinplus or reservatrol bar. 

This contains specific pore cleaning ingredients to ensure that my pores are unclogged of oils my skin has produced under the makeup or just even the pollutants of the day on my skin.

Next I use a toner – I just finished alba botanica acne dote but have also graduated to skinplus tone away your troubles with rose and glycolic acid,green tea and salicylic acid. I’m going to be remaking the next batch to feel like miscellar water. 

After that, my acne medication goes on.

I use effaclar duo plus and then benzoyl peroxide on impending spots. Then retinol over my eye area.

I’m not very religious with my regimen so I tend to look out for cleansing soaps that can multitask and do a mini mask very night.

Then I leave my toner on for bed because it also works like a treatment for when I’m lazy to apply bp and retinol. 

This is really simple and it saves me from having mounds of acne breakouts all over.
Join the discuss here skinplus instagram because we are going to go over product recommendations this week 


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