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Blogger conference 

Hi guys,

It’s been an extremely long time since I posted and I must say I’m missing you all a lot.
So it’s been very busy in the newborn unit but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of stuff lined up for you

I want to talk about influencers and bloggers within our sphere of life and outside.

I’ve been privileged to interact with a number of bloggers online and have made friends and valuable contacts.

What I appreciate most about blogging is the fact that a relative interest a person has in a subject can generate so much buzz and followership. 

It’s like a group of people find they have similar interests because one person decided to talk about it.

Bloggers have found themselves almost like the new celebrities. People depend on them for what to wear,use and buy.

I recently was inspired  by someone from eventbrite and they gave me such a wonderful idea. 

What if I could have all the bloggers I wanted on a panel to discuss certain issues. Like a blogger conference. 

I would say such an event would definitely have to be like a getaway set somewhere in an idyllic getaway location..

My perfect place would be somewhere in obudu cattle ranch in calabar, nigeria 

It would be perfect for travel, the experience of getting there and the scenery and natural life would definitely inspire and get creative juices flowing. 

My ideal panel would  consist of  people I admire in blog sphere. 

1. The man repeller – check out her blog /site the man repeller

2. Caroline hirons – she needs no introduction. caroline an awesome force and influencer with in depth knowledge of products and skincare.

3. Awedbymonica – fashionable as fashion  can be awedbymoni

4. Ufuoma akpantem of sizzelle store who is a beauty blogger and successfully runs one of the foremost online stores in nigeria for beauty.

5. Nini of nini on instagram

This isn’t such a long or big fancy list but I do find myself checking these bloggers out and I feel they have something to offer  either by way of enjoying blogging and excelling at it to turning it into a business. 
You could host your own conference, meeting,getaway or whatever it is you wanted to do and hey make some money on the side.

What if you had something you really wanted to share and get paid for ?

You can try hosting yours with eventbrite



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