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Honest beauty refreshing wash review ,desert essence thoroughly clean face wash review.

It’s been a long time since I posted a review bur I’ve still been doing my usual.

Using up stuff I mean.

I took advantage of the honest beauty trial offer last year and got myself a set for oily skin.

It consisted of a facial wash , moisturiser and an spf cream

They all came in a grey purse wirh little perforated holes much like the laser design we have these days.

All items were also in grey bottle packaging.

I got about 50mls face wash and 5ml moisturiser and spf 20

The face wash is mild and clean.

It’s a transparent gel.

I didn’t see the ingredients listed on the product package but honest beauty is like the name suggests a natural beauty company.

The wash is non irritating and I also used it in the shower on one or two a day.

It was an overall good experience.

My breakouts are largely under control with black soap from skinplus so I won’t be talking much about breakouts unless I end up with a product that really triggers that off.

I used this most evenings as a first cleanse and used black soap afterwards.

The second sachet is desert essence facial wash.

I really enjoyed it. It was calming and it contains a lot of herbals extracts and oils including liquorice which brightens the skin.

That being said I’m off a lot of products for now because my face is getting lighter in my humble opinion. I even feel I’ve gone down one shade lighter and I don’t like it. A lot of natural oils which is what I’ve been using for about 2 years. I use oils all the time and natural soaps  but I still use dove and olay a lot.

So back to my review, though the desert essence was a small quantity that’s a facial soap that you will definitely enjoy using. If you ever find it in a store go buy it or better still if you need a natural brand that’ works, this is a guarantee
Hopefully I will post reviews of some makeup items I’ve recently used from sephora play.

I also have 2 boxes to share. I’ve been so behind on my posts and I’m really really sorry.

There you have it though.

Honest beauty always has this trial for $7 or so going on. You get 3  products.

They also have same trials for their diaper range which is all the rave online.

I bought the items reviewed myself except the desert essence which was a small gift at whole foods market. ( whispers – fave store )


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