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Makeup forever mist and fix review

My first experience with a makeup fixing spray and it’s an awesome one. 

Makeup for ever is a brand every junkie must have heard about in their lifetime of fixes.

I got this spray from Marshall on a cheap and I do not for once regret buying it. 

I use it on my face after makeup and also sometimes spritz on the brush before foundation. I find this  fixes my foundation so good there’s no transfers afterwards.

It lasts a good 7 to 8 hours on my face and trust me that’s something good because my skin is oily to combination on my face. 

My oily tzone is legendary but this takes away those worries for a long time. 


Packaging is perfect  it couldn’t come any other way ( until the beauty industry surprises us)

I quite love the simplicity of black and white.  

It gives a certain luxurious feel to products. 

I love it and I give this a good 8/10 just for the lack of a luxury smell to it.

I fancy adding some lavender to this would make it a topnotch product 

I have another spray to review  so be on the lookout. 
Have yourselves a lovely easter weekend.


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