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Have I ever mentioned that I love the French manicure ? White tips just have a look about them.

White tips go with quaint little picket fences, cinnamon buns and tea. 

That’s what it is in my head although I’m more up for cinnamon popcorn than cinnamon buns. Buns just have a sickly sweetness to them. Perhaps it’s just cinnabon bUt I would rather some tasty popcorn. For tea though,  I’ll have my mani and then some tea preferably green with lemon and for snacking, a healthy slice of oat cake and beet crackers.

Did you know I make healthy snacks too and you could order ? No.

Okay, so I got this hard as nails Sally hansen  nylon like wrap top coat .. have a look 


Avon colour trend in rare and Sally hansen french manicure white tip pen which is currently feeding my french manicure obsession to the max.

This is what I did.

I put the Avon all over the nails after base coat. It didn’t apply too well as with most nude colours. 

Then I used the tip of the manicure pen to outline the nails tips that had grown on.

The nylon wrap keeps for about a week and so does the white tip manicure pen. 

It doesn’t look very pretty neat but uneeds you are like me and you are always looking at fine details, you probably cant tell a mile away.

Hard as nails nylon wrap from at $7.. manicure pen from amazon at $5.99 Avon nail polish from skinplus calabar at N800 naira when the dollar was good. 

We do have some Avon nail polish on sale. Stop by if you are in calabar and steal one for N500 only. You are a thief really to get one at such a price in these times.

Okay everyone what’s your favourite mani style ?

Here’s my final look. 


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