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Why your body creams don't work

There’s a story I keep hearing and most recently I heard it again  – ‘the cream darkened me’

I’ve heard this repeatedly countless times said about several skincare products. A cream or a skincare product can break you out. Yes, this happens especially when it is formulated with ingredients that may clog your pores and doesn’t have an exfoliator.

That being said, it isnt often you find a company put out products for skin that haven’t been tested to work. Of course, that’s why we have product reviews and products are reviews based on the claims made by the manufacturer.

After spending so much money on skincare products, why are you not getting results ? 

1. Lack of  a proper skincare regimen.

Without exfoliation, whatever you use on your skin is unable to penetrate beyond the topmost layer and your skin remains dull because dead cells have not been removed. There are chemical and mechanical exfoliants but you would want to invest in a product that won’t aggravate your skin especially if you are using lightening products.

Using too many products at once.

Example is using a kojic acid soap, then kojic acid cream and then adding something with hydroquinone on top of that or some steroid creams.always ask questions about how to use your skincare products and seek professional advice when uncertain.

2. Sometimes it is not wise to use too many of these items at once unless you are a chemist and you know the interactions.

3.. Trial and error buying products that are not good for your skin type ..


number 3 happens to be the greatest reason why your creams will Never work.

When you do not wear sunscreen,  no matter what you have put on your skin,sunrays will activate melanocytes in a means to protect you and your skin grows darker because melanocytes which are the cells that produce melanin which makes us dark will be working extra hard to keep you aways from the damage. Without sunscreen,  some of your skincare products can react with your skin and worsen pigmentation.  Examples are

 1. Retinol 

2. Glycolic acid

3. Hydroquinone

When using products with any of these you just have to use spf. What’s worse is that hydroquinone can permanently darken your skin and trigger off a cancerous process.
Which of these crimes have you committed ?

Please always ask questions. 

Skincare is more complex than it appears and there’s a chemistry to combining products. When in doubt,seek help. That said , I am available to answer any questions, give suggestions and please no chats that last 2days. Hahaha


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