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Unboxing graze usa snack box

My graze box-empty.

Couldn’t keep my hands out of it. Though it’s designed to be eaten in bits,one snack after the other I ate two packs on one day and I’m taking the third on my call duty shortly. 

I love graze boxes. Do I need to say it again ? They are absolutely fabulously delicious.

This one had garlic and sour cream cashew Cristini which has been polished off without a picture. (I’m such a terrible blogger) (120 calories )

Then walnuts, pumpkin and dates  

Wild Blueberry toast with white chocolate (120 calories only) I ate it

Popcorn for the microwave with a twist of black pepper.

Gosh!  Such yummy snacking.

Add a cup of tea with honey and thsee or tips can serve me a quiet brekkie on the go.

I’ve got granola at skinplus and it’s practically 150 calories per serving of 40g. Has pumpkin seeds,almonds,pecans,tiger nuts,  black puffed rice,cashews, goji berries , coconuts, all of these not in one pack buy mixed up in different varieties. 

You can also order large portions for yourself. Go ahead, where theres no graze box, there’s skinplus diet cafe.

Ps- I just love making these stuff so if you have any special ideas,let me know.

What are your best ideas for snacking on a diet ? I think the snacks make us add more weight it’s hardly the meals we eat when we sit down to do so.graze yourself here if you have uk or usa shipping available.

Use OSAMAG23E and get your first and fifth  box free 



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