St. Ives arpicot scrub review

I’m back blogging!
It’s obvious by now.

Unfortunately I am not promising so many posts as before.
Things are dragging on and with the year coming along to an end, it would be completely unfair to keep the reviews and posts piling up.

I review a common product found on many beauty shelves and in bathroom today.
St. Ives is a brand almost as old as time. Time meaning my time.
I have used a wide range of their products and most of us probably went through the rebranding and packaging with them.

This scrub is an old reliable.
It is a fall back from whenever any product I’m using is exhausted
Another similar scrub is the eden brand.
This scrub is Available for 990 at shoprite ibadan, abuja and lagos.
Also can be found in most beauty shops for 1500.
There are two variations of this scrub I know.

One has 2% salicylic acid

and is called a blemish control scrub.
The other is this one
The tube sizes have almost three or four variations.
I wish I had pictures to show the difference.
It’s not organic or natural but the smell is subtle and it quite does the job.
If you are looking for an affordable scrub to last you a bit of time in the bathroom, I recommend this st.ives apricot scrub.
We dont have this at skinplus right now but expecting it in soon.
Unfortunately I cannot find the pictures I took of this scrub
I have a backlog of pictures I took during my blogging hiatus and I just hope when I settle down I can find them
But I hope descriptively I have been able to point you in the direction of a pocket friendly body and face scrub.
Do check out shoprite and other stores mentioned for it.
I shall be writing up a review of another scrub soon.
Pictures from st.ives.


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