Bliss steep clean mattifying pads- review


Another lovely brand.
I have tried their pepper wash and body butter I bought in a set from asos three years ago.
I also used their face wash
When I found these pads at marshalls going at a giveaway price, I didnt think and didn’t drop.
How.often do you get two exfoliative acids in one jar ?
So I bought and took it home.
Started using it same night after I put up a picture on my instagram here

I started using them immediately and what do I think ?
1. It cleans yes.
2. It doesnt however prevent breakouts
3. It is more for chemical exfoliation for glowy skin
4. It is a good substitute fornpixi glow tonic by petra

Now I havent tried pixi but by substitute I mean price wise.
It didnt stop my breakouts, I think it doesnt really clean that deeply and secondly when you have two classes of acids in one jar you have to be careful that they are both operating at their maximum or optimal ph.
One may argue with this but considering I have used clearasil pads for a long time with good results, this left a lot more desired in that regard.

Will I buy bliss pads again ?
Do I think I should keep this in stock or go out of my way to stock it ?


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