Lush cosmetics haul and review

Lush cosmetics is a mostly natural brand headquartered in the united kingdom.
I have for ages longed to try some of their stuff.
From the bath bombs ( sorry, I dont use my bath for lounging ) to the body lotions and the scrubs and soaps,
everything is natural as can be.
They also smell nice too. Very very nice.
Did you know that most natural smells are not overpowering and they are more subtle and easy on the nose ?
On the contrary,  synthetic fragrances always smell stronger and are more irritating the nose.
This is why more expensive perfumes that incorporate natural oils are, wait for it.  _ more expensive.

So back to lush,
I went in their store at a time when I was riddled with acne breakouts and spots but mostly spots.
I had tried a new face product that left me speechless at its acne forming capabilities.
It turned my skin around, for worse.
I was almost confused when asked what exactly I wanted to buy.
Everything looked like I wanted it.
Eventually I asked for a scrub and something for my acne ..
I already knew about the ocean salt thanks to beautylocale on instagram  because its one of her fave and I said to try that.
They did try it out on me.
Washed off and applied moisturiser.
I loved the feel of my skin.

Here I added skme red clay to scrub with

Ocean salt is pictured above , I’ve kept it way past its best by date but it still works. I love how grainy it is for my body but quickly melts into a thick lotion like consistency.
I use this on my cellulite pockets, once on my face but I didnt like that.
It doesnt have a peculiar smell.. i guess its a sea like smell but I dont know what the sea smells like.. I apologise.
Its coloured like the ocean and the colour isnt fully dispersed throughout the product ( you get right)

I also got charcoal soap which washed my face off amazingly well.
I loved it .. perfect for my oily skin.
I bought about 100g for  $5.. not sure
Not pictured

Then I got the sultana soap.


Who remembers eating sultana bread ?
Well, this is a luscious creamy bar of soap with raisins in it and bits of fruit.
Fortunately lush isnt big on individual packaging thus, saving a lot of paper and the environment.
Unfortunately I would have told the exact ingredients but now I don’t know because they are all wrapped in one custom greaseproof paper.

The little pot there is a sample of their chlorophyll from alfalfa, nettle and rosemary  wash called lush  herbalism which controls oil and helps acne acne prone skin.. its a powder which is green and used to cleanse the face.


My brother got a sample the day we visited and I didn’t.
However, I happened to be passing by a lush store at deira city centre in dubai shortly afterwards and went in to ask for a sample.  It did my brother good and it is quite a refreshing wash.
I must say that these products are not irritating at all to skin.
I also must commend lush as a company at their amazing customer care.
Not a complaint about their almost effusive and welcoming staff both in the store I visited at first colony mall suagrland and at deira city centre.

A lot to learn from there.
A number of people are making natural body products here in nigeria.
I have tried mint organic care and comparatively find the quality to be as good.
I think if you are looking to have that natural indulgent experience you can look out for our nigerian vendors.
From instagram,  ilam skincare, ajali and mint organic care readily come to mind.
I will write up a proper review of the mint care buy.
Considering my interests are so many, you bet I am gathering materials to experiment with soap.
I did re batch the sultana soap with some of my old melt and pour experiment soap as well as a soap girl lavender soap and result was amazing.  It worked because all soaps involve were pure soaps.
So there’s my lush cosmetics haul.
Buy at lush


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