new post.. Playing with my Samsung galaxy tablet 2

I’m trying out my new text to speech on my samsung galaxy tablet 2 which is a very old tablet and I just want to see how it’s going to function using this if it works then it means that I can blog this quickly as possible I can put up my post because easier its to talk than to type.
so far it’s worked out well in this age of technology and everything that’s amazing.
a little history about my samsung tablet. I bought it in the  year 2012. I think we’re on 2015 right now shortly after I bought it from slots when that he had a problem with the screen lock we were still within the one year warranty. So i had it sent back to the store It went  away for a month they fixed it it came back and still having a few issues but all around it functions.
A simple tablet this old is 3 years can  function properly with the right software so that means I’m probably going to be blogging a little bit more and then I’ll just see everything the mistakes Come up like the little typos and everything I actually should think of putting off of youtube channel cuz I think like talking is more my thing although I I don’t know what I’m going to be talking about on the YouTube channel maybe just holding up like the products I want to review.

all of this has been typed using Google text to speech on my samsung sorry not Google it’s the Samsung text to speech

tell me what’s life if you can’t have fun play a little bit funny and do funny things I’m going to upload this post exactly the way it is.

I have made a few alterations because that certain phrases that didn’t come out right but so far so good I think I’m pleased with the outcome.

you can pretty much tell that I like playing.

Love and shopping


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