Looking for castor oil in calabar


The first time I bought jamaican black castor oil in calabar, it was at a boutique/shop owned by a church mummy.
There was one solitary bottle but I had seen a lot about it from back when akuawood of sheabutter cottage used to sell tropic isle brand.. she still does but not as much as before.

I didnt like black castor oil and It took a lot of cajoling for me to try it out.
I am still amazed at the results I see on people who have bought and used it judiciously.
Castor oil grows hair and it is amazing at it.

We have 4oz bottles of tropic isle black jamaican castor oil in store at skinplusng calabar.
A bottle costs 2300naira.
I also make custom mixes if essential oils to add to your jbco .
There’s full bottles if essential oils if you prefer to do your mixology yourself and bottles are available.

You can call to order, add us in bbm skinplus is our custom pin
Whatsapp 08036345531


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