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Hello december and giveaway

Hello everyone.
Im sure you know what happened.
Ive been mia for a while trying to figure out this life and what it is about it.
Im back but perhaps not as gay and happy as I used to be but for you guys im going to try my best to be ..
We live for people thats what it actually is.
We live for the people who love us and it’s why we should treasure those we find around us at every point in time.
Your smile could just be what stops someone from giving up on life.
You can never tell how many people look up to you for inspiration and drive.
That said, I blog about stuff like this on zoehugs a devotional blog but I find I have to share a bit of it here.
Stop over on that end of the street and see if you find a few hugs.
Some of that has been helpful to me many times even though I wrote most of it.
The interesting thing about Gods word is that it never dies.

Skinpluscalabar my baby reached 200 instagram followers this morning and I have a gift.
First to my 200th follower and then a general giveaway.
Will be posting giveaway items in the week and announcing the follower who wins stuff so do keep in touch.

My personal page is still samsiiiie but not much going on in the past days.
Catcha soon.
Hello december, we are here!


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