Ambi even and clear foaming cleanser

I bought this product years ago in benin. Hallmark to be precise and it was the junkie in me acting out to try something new.
I wish I had gotten more.
Only just found it again on sizzelles store after such a long time and at a fairly normal proce.

Ingredients- salicylic acid, soy, vitamin c , vitamin e .

Salicylic acid we know is an amazing exfoliant which is holy grail for acne skin and oily skin.
Soy extracts work on pigmentation to reduce the patches and spots and dark marks.
Vitamin c brightens and vitamin e softens.
This is a power packed 177mls of fluid which foams instantly.

There isn’t a long story to tell.
this product keeps breakouts at bay.
If you found this then by all means buy it.
It did a good job of taking me a shade lighter in foundation and I really honestly havent found my way back.
For that I am not grateful but if you need it, go for it.
Im simply saying this is an amazing first step in treating hyperpigmentation and dark marks and spots.
There is a bar soap and a cream to follow up .
The cream has hydroquinone but thats another type of story.
If you want to go the whole works,
Find it in casabella stores or sizzelle store online.

Loved it but did not repurchase because I couldnt find it for a long time afterwards and because it made me lighter which I didnt like.
Otherwise, perfect !
who remembers ambi cream from back in the day then though ?
There’s a store that sold it back in benin city behind my aunts house when we were younger.
The funny things I remember ..


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