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Caudalie polyphenols detailed review

A review of the caudalie polyphenols first three products.
Caudalie is an organic skin care line.
The polyphenols are based on grape seed extract and stabikised vitamin c with hyaluronic acid which helps to plump skin up.
There-s an oil out now in the range so thats why I say first three.

I had posted the little box from latest in beauty which I think may still be available on their site.
The box came with two little cute teabags of jasmine tea and dragon tea .

I tried thepolyphenol c15 anti wrinkle eye and lip cream1 first.
From caudalie a message…
This gel cream treats the first signs of aging , reducing dark circles , puffiness, instantly smoothes

This cream is for both day and night use although there is an spf anti wrinkle fluid.
It is a soft mildly-almost unscented option with out parabens as all caudalie products are.
I used this around my eyes on crows feet area and around my lip area.
Before starting this cream I had a few lines I complained about which were looking quite bad when i smiled.
I noticed a remarkable improvement.
Save for the occasional breakout near my eye area when the cream extendes it’s boundaries I have no complaints with this.
I however do not recommend for someone who is out to treat serious lines.
This is great for dark circles too especially if you are not in a hurry.
I did notice some changes in that regard.
Not like I had any but it pushes away the beginnings of what looked like it.
I love this cream and it is now one of my staples for moisturising the eye area.

spf 20 anti wrinkle protect spf fluid
Caudalie says this oil free fluid is extra light on the skin leaving your face rehydrated, smoother filled out and ready to take on the day.
To be used in the mornings after the serum applied to face and neck.
This is a smooth sunscreen that also comes as a 15mls tube.

I love that you can use this on your face and not break out.
This says so much for organic products.
It doesnt leave a filmy white residue that needs to be rubbed into skin as some sunscreen fluid are wont to.
It is a great great spf for oily breakout prone skin.
It is also suitable for sensitive skin.
No harsh ingredients In this one.

anti wrinkle fluid serum
This was the only product I had problems with.

Caudalie says …
With the highest concentration of active ingredients in the range, this youth concentrate protects the skin from environmental factors leaving the skin flawless and radiant.
Uses morning and evening on face and neck.

In retrospect it was because my skin is yet to be suited for heavy serum concentrate as this.
Even though it comes off the dropper as a light fluid.
It is heavy in grape extract and has a lot of vitamins.
I gave this to my mum after it broke me out and it changed her skin.
I could see increased luminosity and you could just tell the skin was eating well.
It is a great detox and give good clarity.
I cpuld add a few words for hyperpigmentation here but lets just stick to helping dull skin along.

considering I thought this could become a staple serum, I was so wrong. I need something more suited for my oily younger skin type.


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