Oriflame optimals oily skin toner review

Oriflame being in nigeria is old news.
I got this toner last year and started using it this year.

Before I start this review I must say something for the quality of oriflame cosmetics.
I havent seen much of swedish skin care before oriflame but I have made an observation which qualifies them to sit with avon and paulas choice on my ‘no nonsense skincare brand list’
Every single thing oriflame sells has an important active around which the product is built and has a natural extract.
You cant complain that you are giving your skin bad that’s why im proud to be a beauty manager with oriflame.

The oily skin toner i’m reviewing today was bought from oriflame uk but rest assured the products are the same.
It comes as a bottle of 200mls retailing in nigeria for about.

This toner has salicylic acid which should be about 0.5% judging from its position on the ingredient list.

The bottle has a little dispenser hole which is extremely important to control product from tipping and spilling.
I love how their packaging is tamper proof.
You cant pry this open.

did it work
Toner is the second step in your beautu routine.
You should cleanse $ wash your skin then use a toner to draw out leftover dirt and then tighten and close your pores.
With salicylic acid this toner goes an extra mile to prevent acne by regulating hyperkeratinization
Reduce skin clogging.
It goes on a bit filmy like miscellar water and the dries to a firm finish.
I have used this to take makeup off before washing my face and it still did absolutely well.
It works.
How ?
No breakouts.
Here’s what it looked like on cotton wool after I had cleaned with clearasil pads.
I hope this emphasises the need for a toner in your routine

When I change something in my routine I make sure to check if my skin gets worse.
It didn’t.
I am yet to be through with this bottle because I absolutely dislike big sized products and I cant finish it. For the price you are getting a lot of product.
I will be moving this to the store so folks who stop by can have a feel of it and you dont need to buy a bottle to try if your skin will like it.
You can try mine.
I do plan to have a couple of testers for oriflame products available and this is one of the first of that lot.
I believe strongly in trying before you use.
In other words, I have a new toner Im giving a go.
So all in all. This is a good product for oily skin and especially sensitive skin.
You will enjoy using it as much as I did.


4 thoughts on “Oriflame optimals oily skin toner review”

    1. Please you need to stop using it and return to what you were uaing before u started this if it was working. Dont fix it if it isnt broken. Then get some oxy10 or clearex10 or panoxyl and use that .. so sorry. Let me know how you go


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