Naturals in paradise

Hi everyone ..
I just want to quickly  invite you to naturals in paradise a meetup for hair and all things hair related.
It is holding in calabar…..
It is organised by natural Nigerian and thekinkandi.
The event costs 500naira for attendance and payment will be made at the door.
Some hair bloggers will be there to share their tips.
Sizzelle store will be there.
Natural Nigerian has a range of hair products which I’m sure will be available.
I will be there too as an individual  and as skinplus.
So lets catch up at bays bar diamond hill calabar on october18th by 1pm.
I will have some stuff for sale with me so do pop by.
Expect to see
Savvychic magazine
Satin caps
Makeup primer
Oriflame skincare
Avon skincare
Dr.Lin products
Sleek skincare too.
There’s also a special discount at the event on products!


Love and shopping


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